We are doing long, one lengths just like all the pictures of girls on tumblr that you guys reblog. I am doing staff training at the amazing Ted Gibson salon (from What not to wear!) and we would love to make some of you feel beautiful! Contact me!


I had so much fun making Meredith’s hair beautiful today! (Taken with Instagram)

@laurengardner33 is so beautiful! I’m so glad I got to turn Lauren into a Gibson Girl today @tedgibsonbeauty. We have been friends since we were in diapers! (Taken with Instagram)

Welcome to New York. The beautiful girls welcome you. XOXO @tedgibsonbeauty (Taken with Instagram)

Ladies and Gentlemen, for the past two months I have been an assistant at Ted Gibson Salon in New York City. My fabulous life of working in fashion has STARTED, baby!

I couldn’t be a Gibson girl without the man himself, the greatest mentor ever! I love @tedgibsonbeauty (Taken with Instagram)

Is a hard place to get a job. I have had interviews all over town and some of them seem very hopeful. A lot of the programs I have been looking into are extremely intense programs that push you to your absolute limits. I’m afraid of this, but then I tell myself that if anyone will get through it, it will be me. I’m loving my little life here. :) 

Quite romantic, no? The 21-year-old girl dream. Live in a ghetto apartment in Brooklyn and work your way up in the fashion industry. Every paycheck going into rent and a new pair of shoes. I moved to new York with $20 in my pocket and a dream. I’ve had my interview at my salon and they are having me shadow for two weeks to make sure I want to go with them. This is going to be big for me, I know it. I’m standing at the edge of something massive that spans across space and time. I left behind everything in Seattle. I left a job I liked, a boy I liked, all my worldly possessions and a really beautiful home. But this dream of mine is more important than all of it. So here we go, guys. Put your seat belts on, because we’re going off the cliff wether you like it or not!!!!!


Photographer: John Addison
Stylist: Teresa Jack
Model: Corey Wise
JACK by Teresa Jack is coming….
onlythemoonhowls: Then I want you to be my mentor!

You are so sweet! Email me! and I will fill out your mentorship portfolio to the best of my ability. You can skype me or something :).

onlythemoonhowls: I wonder if it is possible to have use a past FP from another location be our mentor, because you are so talented. ♥

Aww bb you are so sweet! You can, I am currently in the process of being a mentor to a few other Future Professionals. Being a positive influence to future professionals is what keeps me going!